Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get VIP trained certified?

Volunteers are welcomed at East Central High School. All volunteer certification training is hosted by East Central ISD. Visit the following link to learn about:

  • Training Dates
  • Booster Club Chaperone duties (Do’s/Dont’s)
  • Who can be certified to volunteer
  • How to get certified

Thank you for your gift of time!

Do I need to VIP trained to work in Concession Booth or Ways N Means Booth?

VIP Training is not required to volunteer to work in the stands. Please note that all volunteers do need to check-in prior to shifts.

Can I chaperone and sign up to ride with my child/student in the bus?

At this time, Directors will be using ECISD Staff for chaperone assistance. All ECISD Staff are VIP trained and approved to be on campus.

Should we need to call for parent volunteers, VIP training is required. Once approved by the director, you may ask to chaperone your child/student bus.

Will my child/student have to fundraise?

East Central Band Boosters hosts various community fundraisers to limit the ask of a child/student to go door-to-door to sell items.

We need volunteers to help work our Concession Booth at all HOME Varsity Football Games.

Reach out to [email protected] to sign up for a shift. Proceeds from concessions support our program.

Volunteer/Committee Opportunities Available

Concession Booth – Home Games

Concessions help make a contribution to fundraising for our band. Volunteers are always needed to assist! Volunteers are needed before and during all home games.

Game Day Meals – Home Games & Special Events

The meal plan offered to band students provides meals on HOME game days to those students who pay into the plan. Volunteers help order and serve prepared meals to students before each game. Duties include organizing meals for distribution, collecting money and serving.

Away games are sponsored by the district.

Ways & Means – Spirit Attire

Responsible for selling and distributing Spirit Attire from our brand store to band students and guests.

Equipment – Props & Field Equipment

Volunteers load, unload and move equipment, instruments and supplies from trailers. Some assembly, disassembly and field repairs, as needed for home, away and competitions.

Membership Committee

The membership committee shall host membership drives, recruit new members, and maintain an accurate up-to-date member list available to members and committees.

Special Events Committee

The special events committee shall organize senior events, winter/spring concert silent auction, band banquet and any other special event sponsored by the band boosters. This committee will work with the appointed officer for approval of funding and organizing the events.

EC Hosted Marching Contest Committee

This committee will organize the EC hosted marching contest. This committee will work with the band director or UIL representative to assure all procedure for hosting the contest are followed. The committee will recruit volunteers and organize workflow. The committee will recruit bands to participate in the marching contest. The committee chair will work with the President and Treasurer for purchasing items necessary. Event is in September of each year.

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